We offer a wide range of massage therapy, and healing modalities along with body care treatments. Each session at Retreat House is unique and customized for you. Whatever brings you here, we are committed to supporting your well-being. We encourage you to grant yourself the opportunity to relax, revitalize and restore. Explore our growing list of services and see what calls to you.

Massage Offerings

The “Retreat” Swedish Massage….this massage is the gold standard of stress reduction, muscle manipulation and deep relaxation. This firm, yet gentle touch smooths the stress of everyday life, works out those knots and leaves you relaxed and restored.    60 minutes..$75, 90 minutes…$105  Deep Tissue Massage, 60 minutes…$85

“Heaven and Earth” Hot Stone Massage…heated stones, strategically place, deeply warm the body while muscles are massaged, melted and released.  This treatment inspires unimaginable relaxation and reconnection to the body, leaving you centered, balanced and restored.  90 blissful minutes…$130,  add aromatherapy…$10

Pregnancy Massage…few things feel better than massage during pregnancy.  Prenatal massage is done in the side lying position during the second and third trimester for mom and baby’s comfort.   60 minutes….$75

Oncology Massage….patients in treatment and recovery will receive a specially designed massage by an experienced, educated and skilled practitioner.  Diagnosis, treatment regime and side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are all considered and discussed.   60 minutes…$75

Medical Massage for Headaches…a combination of techniques is utilized to create balance in the muscle groups that commonly cause headaches.  Regular treatment can decrease or elliminate chronic headaches.  60 minutes…$75,  90 minutes…$105

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage…sometimes it’s all you need.  Let us concentrate on your upper body to relieve stress and tension commonly held in the back, neck and shoulders.   60 minutes…$75   90 minutes…$105

Aromatherapy Massage…the inhalation of essential oils provides wonderful healing  benefits and enhances the massage experience by quieting the mind and settling the body.  60 minutes…$85, 90 minutes…$115