Swedish Massage

Addressing the soft tissues of the body, this treatment can address areas of discomfort, injuries and stress. Tailored specifically to the needs of the individual, this kind of massage has been shown to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress and improve one’s sense of well-being.

60 minutes..$75

90 minutes…$105

Pregnancy Massage

Can enhance one’s overall sense of well-being, address low back or nerve pain and the skeletal and circulatory changes that are brought on by hormonal shifts. A reduction in swelling, improved sleep and relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being is often the result of massage during this time.

60 minutes….$75


Essential oils used through inhalation or skin application, provide healing and management of difficult symptoms such as pain, anxiety, fatigue, stress and others. It can quiet the mind and settle the body, inducing a sense of well-being.

Consultation with 1 apothecary blend…$75

Consultation with 2 apothecary blends…$85

Hot Stone Massage

Heated river stones are used to warm the body and are also used to massage the body. Stones are strategically placed to induce deep relaxation and to energetically balance the mind and body.

90 minutes…$130

Oncology Massage

A specialized treatment taking into consideration the emotional and physical qualities of being diagnosed with cancer. Studies have shown that massage can increase immune function, provide a feeling of respite and peace, and improve pain, anxiety, nausea and fatigue.

60 minutes…$75

Mindfulness, Meditation

One of the most helpful things we can do to reduce stress and foster well-being is to slow down, become aware of our bodies and emotions, and to access the part of our nervous system, which allows for rest and repair. Meditation and mindfulness, in their various forms, are another way to access this state. With repetition and practice, one can, in effect, train the mind to quickly and easily find this place of calm and ease. Learn techniques to reduce stress and deal more effectively with pain, illness, and the everyday frustrations that come with life…

Pricing varies, please call for more information

Shamanic Healing

An ancient spiritual methodology, shamanism honors and recognizes the Spirit in everything. A shamanic practitioner will hear the concerns of the client and creates a safe and do a meditative journey by means of drumming. During the meditation, the practitioner ‘listens’ to the person’s spiritual guides or helpers for messages and impressions and is often able to offer insight, rituals, or healing…

Session (approx 90 min) $100